Pre season thoughts

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Pre season thoughts

Postby Paul » Sat Aug 12, 2006 10:41 pm

So we have played our last pre season friendly before the season starts, what can we expect this season and how have we performed in the friendly matches?

Firstly the positive news is that we have retained the majority of the better players we had last season, when some of the players would have had an opportunity to earn more money elsewhere. Unfortunately we have lost two of our best players in Jamie and Tommo and have very little time to find a replacement for Tommo.

One of the concerns for me has been the lack of signings to strengthen the squad and give both remaining players and supporters a boost of optimism for the season ahead. Having watched the majority of the friendlies I have seen very few trialists and it does seem that Shaun Teale decided early on that he was going to stick with most of last seasons squad. Granted the playing budget is limited but you would have thought that Shaun Teale would have a number of contacts at clubs at a higher level who would be willing to loan promising young players to Chorley. The goalkeeping situation is the perfect example. We know that Phil Priestley is going to miss a number of matches early in the season and we will need a good back up goalkeeper. Ideally we could do with a promising loan signing to cover while Priestley is away and give him competition through the season, rather than have a replacement who is the brother of a player and has looked nervous in his brief spells in the friendlies.

I am disappointed that the club has retained players who in my opinion were not of a good enough standard last season and if the club is looking to progress they should have been replaced. Last season we made the mistake of retaining the likes of Dickinson instead of improving the quality of the squad. At the start of last season I had concerns over Bowden in midfield but he played ever match and was never substituted despite his poor performances. I don't like to single out players but I have the same concerns with Daryl Allen. I have seen him play in enough games to be of the opinion that his passing ability and mobility is not good enough for this standard of football.

Of the new players I think Neil Wright who came at the end of last season shows promise.
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Postby Fat Boy Slim » Sun Aug 13, 2006 12:57 pm

Why is Priestley missing a few games?
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Postby Ian Livesey » Sun Aug 13, 2006 5:29 pm

Fat Boy Slim wrote:Why is Priestley missing a few games?

He's on holiday and think will miss the first 4 games
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On holiday?

Postby mark » Sun Aug 13, 2006 5:34 pm

Perhaps this is a symptom of the low level of football we are condemned to watch these days, but I don't recall many players taking holiday during the season ten years or more ago. Is this a recent thing, or am I getting old before my time? Surely the 16 weeks of close season is long enough to fit in the odd holiday?

I'm not singling Priestley out here by any means - I'm sure we all recall the utter farce of two seasons ago when our new manager, John Hughes, was somehow allowed to miss the first five or six games to go on holiday.
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Postby Pete Rothwell » Sun Aug 13, 2006 7:39 pm

Elvis is going on a motorbiking holiday to Germany with his mates. After speaking to him at a friendly the other week, he expects Moffatt to take his place between the sticks.
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