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Postby honestjohn » Wed Nov 08, 2006 10:37 pm

W E SHOULD ALL get behind the new manager,he has inherited a dificult situation, personaly i think he,s doing a great job under the circumstances,we have got some decent players in the squad and some positions that do req imediate attention,IE, midfield is a big concern i pertsonally think needs big improment.The endevour and commitment to the club from some players is heartning,We have to give Gerry a chance to put his own stamp on things, i have every confidence he will keep us up this season.He,s well liked by the players,Kenny Mayers is a good assistant and some of the young ones he gives advice to will come on a bundle. K Charlton is passionat about the club and unlike some puts his money were his mouth is.ITS ONLY AN OPPINION, BUT IT.S MINE,and were all entitled to one,so lets get behind the club and unlike some get positive and not negative .CHORLEY HAS and WILL SURVIVE this LODGEY blip. As someone once said Stanley thats a right mess you gotten us into.

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