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Postby Ed » Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:31 pm

Can't take preseason games as a true indication, nor comments from a local rival, probably quite a few players on trial, but here's one view of our first opponents. Surely as third favourites to win the league, this must be a wind-up.

The following post was entered on the Hinckley forum by JEP "Self styled voice of the Greene King" (!)

"If any Hinckley supporters are frustrated at the operations at the Greene King (Hinckley)then please go down to Barwell and you'll see that we still make them look like a bunch of amateurs.

The Grass looked as though it hadn't been mowed for at least a week and I swear a couple of Japanese soldiers emerged from the long grass in the penalty area to surrender in the second half. Thommo was introduced as the the former manager of Hinckley Town!! wink.gif just before the 'public address system' broke down for good. (There is a God).

As for the match, Kettering moved the ball around quite nicely and defended as a unit. They were well organised and in Andy Gooding, they had a player who can do a good job at Kettering's level and higher. He really is a loss.

Barwell looked OK when 2-0 down but they have some real passengers. The left back moaned alot, got caught for pace a lot and looked no better than District League standard. Luke Barleone? looked a decent player but the new signing Robbins looked a right muppet and was lucky to stay on the pitch in the first half, after wanting to start a fight. Serious attitude problems and looks well set for wind-up after wind-up up north.

Nice to see some familiar faces from the Greene King who I fear may need some serious motivation to return. Very sad"

The tannoy problem sounds familiar. No doubt the long grass might suit our 'long ball game'. Hope they don't mow it in next week or so. :P :wink:
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