Jason walker

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Jason walker

Postby Tempie » Tue Jul 26, 2016 2:15 pm

It's gone very quiet on here again! Have we nothing to say after the Trafford game lol! What do we think about Jason? He is obviously the marquee signing that Matt wanted to replace daz. Big earner at barrow so I assume he hasn't come cheap either. My opinion for what's it's worth! Is that simerlar to Trafford and all pre season it's a transfer that gives more questions than answers. (Thank god for the q&a night) will he actually play?! If he does that won't please carver who turned down accy to play week in week out. We've still not no natural width and creativity. This showed against Trafford. The full backs got forward but we were constantly waiting for them to get forward and by the time they did the defence was organised. We've only got one player that can play high up the pitch wide and beat people with skill and pace. That's Jarvis and I doubt he will play in this 5-3-2 system. Yes we look solid enough at the back but I just worry we've put all our eggs in one basket by not replacing hine and Darren with like for likes.
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Re: Jason walker

Postby Prodigal son » Tue Jul 26, 2016 4:43 pm

Tend to agree with most of your thoughts Tempie, hoping that PSF's only show that the players are getting fitter, but I am a bit concerned about the likely lack of goals. We do look solid at the back but though the full backs do get forward they don't seem to get behind the opposing defence before delivering the ball. Time and again at Trafford the ball was delivered diagonally into the area from 35 yards out and it didn't work.
Walker looks a decent player but then again so does Carver so how do they fit together, Gonzales looks good but to me doesn't use his physique to its full effect. Impressed with Scott Leather and Stephen Jordan who look really solid, take your pic of Teague or Charnock to pair with them although I think we are a bit more balanced if Teague plays, providing he doesn't try to play those 60 yard diagonal cross field passes too often! The other major problem is that we have never replaced Tom Baker and still lack a midfield general, someone to put foot on ball and steady things down.
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Re: Jason walker

Postby Paul Speak » Tue Jul 26, 2016 10:44 pm


He is obviously the marquee signing that Matt wanted to replace daz. Big earner at barrow
so I assume he hasn't come cheap either

He may have been a high-earner in the past but, at 32, he was released by Barrow at the end
of last season.
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