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Postby petermarkcraig » Mon Aug 22, 2016 9:13 am

Am I dreaming or has no one started a thread for the Boston match!!!
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Re: Boston

Postby Dec53 » Mon Aug 22, 2016 1:19 pm

peter, report now on LEP web site
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Re: Boston

Postby mike1 » Mon Aug 22, 2016 2:22 pm

petermarkcraig wrote:Am I dreaming or has no one started a thread for the Boston match!!!

Yes, unbelievable, Jeff (sorry, Peter)! It never ceases to surprise me that when we are winning matches like these many people can't summon the desire to comment. It was another performance full of drive and determination, though for half-an-hour you would have wondered where a goal was going to come from. More often than not, the goals seem to come when not entirely expected. So we got the two in five minutes and it was game over against a shot-shy Boston who seem a shadow of their former selves this season. Jarvo's little cross was quality and right onto Dale' head for the opener, after which it was a relief to see Josh O'Keefe pick up the ball for the penalty and convert with no fuss at all. Late first half and again second half, if only Marcus Carver could produce a level of finishing to match his wholehearted general play and tireless work-rate, he would have had three. Jason Walker is a class act and when he is on the field there is more steadiness and composure in the build-ups. Apparently, Boston manager Dennis Greene ventured a few uncomplimentary remarks about our style of play. I think he needs to address his own problems pretty quickly. The language coming out of the Boston dressing-room door a good while after the final whistle was ripe in the extreme! The bottom line for Magpies' supporters surely is that we have a team who will make a good fist of it this season. It won't always be pretty but with a very strong-looking defence we'll be harder to beat, I reckon, than last season on our travels. Likewise, Victory Park may well also be the fortress it was in the second half of last season. COYM!
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Re: Boston

Postby Paul Brennan » Mon Aug 22, 2016 3:16 pm

TBF Mike, Prodigal Son did comment in the "Test of strategy" thread.
Re this game we should have had a least 5 goals and in the SH played some lovely passing football which, if Mr Greene wants to criticise, so be it. Jason W is a player with the proverbial "wealth of experience" and no little skill which means his input is very impressive in my view.Both Marcus and Sefton will surely benefit from his (and, of course, Janny's) advice and guidance.

The three centre backs are all also very impressive players -and we have full/wing backs with speed and skill too.
Looking forward to the Darlington game when we will surely face our most significant test so far-COYM indeed !
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Re: Boston

Postby Prodigal son » Mon Aug 22, 2016 4:21 pm

Thanks, PB, I did comment on the strategy thread, with hindsight should have started a new thread. Agree with previous comments about out front three, and back three, would still like to see someone capable of carrying the ball in midfield but we are in for a good season I feel sure. Really looking forward to the test at Darlington, they gave started extremely well and this should give us a good indication of where we will be this season. COYM
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