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Chorley V Curzon ....... Super Saturday!!

PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:33 pm
by Charlie Magpie
Once again, Chorley have landed lucky on international weekend with a home league match against Curzon Ashton.

England face Lithuania on Sunday, so no Premier or Championship League games, and with Bolton away to Shrewsbury there is hardly any live football action in the north west this weekend.

With a super weather forecast for Saturday there could be no better scenario to attract local league club supporters to Victory Park. There is still time for 'Team Chorley' to rally round and help to promote tomorrow's game. Perhaps a call to Radio Lancashire to highlight tomorrow's game, a few warm invitations on Twitter sites of local league teams and, something we can all do with minimum effort, suggest that mates at work, in the pub or family members actually get round to coming to Victory Park to watch a game - they've been saying all season that they will come one day but they haven't got round to it yet! And if they enjoy the experience maybe they will come along to our three remaining home fixtures together with the play-off semi-final and final!

When has there ever been a better, more dramatic end to the season than this year? Every game is a massive game from now on and we should be striving to achieve attendances approaching the 2,000 mark for every home game.

So, come on the mighty Magpies, let's all do our bit for our club, keep talking and squawking Chorley FC, let's pack Victory Park and make loads of noise for the boys!!