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Club interest

Postby al kyder » Mon Aug 28, 2006 8:24 pm

It was my first gane at Chorley today and I was quite impressed with the ground and in particular, the supporters bar. I believe that it only opens on match days? That is a shame.
What did strike me though, was the lack of youngsters at the game. Is this the case every game? Work must be done by the club to make more local people aware of the club and when games are on, ie, town centre poster and work with the pubs and clubs to create more interest.

As for the team, well, I believe that things are bad, but can get better.
My son plays for th reserves and I have watched a number of training sesssions, and I am impressed with what I have seen. The young lads are very keen, fit and very well organised by the coach. This has where the future first teamers have to come from, local lads with pride.

Anyway good luck for the rest of the season and I'll probably there next game.
al kyder
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