A note to Gerry and all Magpies!!! (Battle cry?)

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A note to Gerry and all Magpies!!! (Battle cry?)

Postby Magpie+Baggie » Sat Sep 29, 2007 10:24 pm

I have left Gerry a private message but if anyone sees him tell him not to lose faith as all the fans are right behind him.

At the end of the day, I watch Chorley to see the lads perform and for me the division they're in makes no odds really. I have to admit I've been disappointed with some recent results and performances but we've not even got into double figures in league games played so let's not worry.

I'd be happy come May with a season that has ended with the Magpies safe from relegation.

So let's not blame x or point the finger for a poor run, but get behind the lads for the Lancaster City match, next home match and then not long until a coach trip (fingers crossed I'll attend) as we travel to Harrogate Railway Athletic.

So I sense an upward spiral is coming up - you heard it here first! :wink:

So if Gerry reads this - I along with all the other Magpies fans are firmly backing you and the lads! So let's not wallow in self-pity but say COME ON CHORLEY!

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