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Postby Magpie+Baggie » Sun Nov 11, 2007 12:04 pm

I know we're still fairly low in the league, but we are in a false position. A good point yesterday, the way it was earned was encouraging, over time we'll grow stronger. We're playing as a unit and as a team, nobody had a stinker yesterday.

Scott Priestley looks like a good 'un, fantastic news that Greg's coming back to fitness, Danny will hopefully be back soon, and still got Mark Drew and Dave Eatock to look forward to.

And, who knows, a bit of fresh blook coming in this week? Time will tell I suppose.

A lot of harsh things have been said about Gerry this season, often, in my opinion, unwarranted, but what a signing Mr Collinge has been for the club. This lad wil achieve great things.

Next week comprises a distinctly winnable game against Skem, a side who we pretty much matched in a stalemate earlier in the season, I look forward to next week.

The test of a fine manager is one who can galvanise his (or for the sake of political correctness, her) side into improvement after hitting a real low against Clitheroe.

It looks as though Gerry is doing this,we must be patient and the results I'm sure will soon come.

We're on the upward spiral.... UP THE 'PIES!
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