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Postby Magpie+Baggie » Sun Nov 18, 2007 4:41 pm

Having spoken with Mr Blackburn, a knowledgable supporter of the Magpies for many a year, and amid a glut of talk about Messrs Wright, Luczka and Hemmings, I thought I'd express my thoughts having been newly educated by Mr Blackburn.

MR WRIGHT - The man has great passion running through him, he lives and breathes Chorley, and is a very knowledgable man. To blame him for the current scenario is harsh I feel, especially for a man who was manager of the Magpies in giantkilling late 80's days, of the Conference.

MR LUCZKA - The only manager I've known as a Chorley fan, but has great enthuisiasm and passion for the game, and nobody works any harder than Gerry around the club. Still learning (as any football manager always is, no matter how experienced) the trade, but in my mind can over the long term take the club forward.

MR HEMMINGS - To me, from what I've heard, is the saviour of Chorley FC in the respect of the money he has essentially pumped into the club, so respect to him for that. Whilst seeing him on Victory Park nowadays would be a collector's item, no matter what people think, you cannot deny that really his money has saved the Magpies.
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