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Postby mike1 » Tue Nov 20, 2007 3:52 pm

Some feedback from last night's fans' forum :

Attendance close on 40.
Out front : Gerry, Ken, Kevin Charlton.

Some points : Ken rebutted a criticism that fans had no idea where all the money raised was going. He invited anyone to inspect the accounts; he had nothing to hide. The areas of expenditure should be obvious.

Vigorously, fans raised the issue of embarrassing defeats at the likes of Clitheroe and Skem. To be fair, Gerry put up a no-nonsense, robust defence of his position as manager.
Attemps to sign various players were honestly recorded, often in great detail. Wages demanded are often ridiculous; even if you try to meet them, a player will sometimes return to another bidding club who promptly increase their original offer.
Gerry quoted his massive phone bill - hours of calls seking players for the club even that day.
He said he was determined to 'freshen up the dressing-room' double quick and bring in if at all possible players with big hearts and physique to match.
There is no quick fix; certain players still immature in age; some very promising in the longer term
In answer to one question, Gerry spelled out that two players are on contract - Mully and Danny Nolan.
He was heartened by the attitude of Peter Collinge who has committed himself to Chorley despite interest from Leigh RMI.
The most direct question put to Gerry was that almost all the current first team are players whom Gerry has brought to the club; that it is his job to motivate the players. Time is running very short - we simply cannot wait for longer term plans to materialise. Gerry's response was equally direct. He needs lionhearts on the field and the experienced players need to urge on and encourage the younger ones during a game. Once they've crossed the white line they are on their own; he is powerless to legislate for the sort of individual errors which cost goals at Skem. Ken added that we are too quiet as a team on the field.
One or two fans queried the comparison of wage-structures with better-placed clubs. Bradford are reported to be big-spenders (Gerry was asked by Avenue manager recently if he would be interested in two of their players - but wages were in region of £200 plus !). Fans felt that we are offering as much money as several other lesser lights in the league who are doing far better than Chorley.
These are just a selection of issues raised. Some questioners were obviously passionate in expressing their points but generally speaking the meeting was conducted in a civilised way. Everyone appreciated that Gerry was working extremely hard and this was underlined by Ken, who asked fans to get behind the manager. Ken confirmed that one club is to be relegated but added 'It mustn't be us'.

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