After the Clitheroe game.

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After the Clitheroe game.

Postby Magpie+Baggie » Sun Nov 25, 2007 1:05 am

Some interesting comment passed on the forum re: today's game. I wanted to let the dust settle a bit before making my views known.

But in a nutshell, then if today you weren't impressed, you might as well go and support Brig until the Magpies are back in the Conference, and then you can resume support of Chorley.

Plain and simply, today was the best I've ever seen Chorley other than the 4-0 win over Lancaster, on August 21.

We looked like a new side today - it was like being pushed around in a schoolyard for all of your primary schooling, and then getting to high school with a bunch of bruisers acting as your bodyguards.

So here's my views on the three additions this week, and also on Mark Drew:

LIAM COYNE: - I was impressed by Liam when he played for Warrington at VP in the FA Cup on 01/09/07. Aerially very competent, can head the ball 30 or 40 yards! Quite simply a beast. All of 6 feet 4 inches, very strong and commanding with the ball on the deck. Looks a great signing.

CHRIS MCDONAGH: - Clearly it was something of a cameo for Chris today, but from word of mouth from Leigh RMI supporters seems a good addition.

GAVIN-LEE ELLISON: - Not entirely new to Chorley, but another aerially very capable lad and shows good tactical awareness and looks a clever player. Again, looks a good buy. Cracking goal today I'm told, but I was in the kit room at the moment the goal was scored! :cry: :lol:

MARK DREW: - Like the look of Drewy. Very good tackler and retainer of possession. Dead ball specialist, hit bar today and was also denied by a fine save from Horridge. Hope he's fit for Brig!

So after all that's been slung at Gerry, these four signings look to me, and many others, to be real changers of fortune for the Magpies. Shame we didn't win today, but I reckon this game, and the Curzon game, could be looked upon as a week that changes the Chorley season.

As far as the actual game was concerned, I thought the ref was OK. He did, to be fair, play some very good advantages at times, one of which almost saw Parillon crack a shot into the Clitheroe net.

As far as the 'Horridge handball' went, Burke was through on goal with an unrushing Horridge who sort of smothered the ball, before another player launched another Chryso into the back of beyond! And as a few spectators rightly said, really the ref has got to look at his linesman (or assistant referee, whatever they're called these days!) to give that decision.

There was also a penalty appeal with us 1-0 up, seemingly a player pulled down by their centre-half in the area. I've seen them given, but not sure.

But if Brig think we're going to sit back and let them have us, like last time, then that, to quote FC United fans, "Small town in Leyland" have got another thing coming!

Well done Gerry and the boys, looks promising!

And if you're a supporter not satisfied, it's not too late yet to be cheering on the home side at Irongate next weekend, instead of the boys (who will be!) in yellow.

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