25 goals a season striker

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25 goals a season striker

Postby Paul » Sun Dec 16, 2007 2:15 pm

Virtually from the start of the season, every news article in the local papers has mentioned that we are either in talks, looking for or need a 25 goals a season striker. Although we have scored 8 goals in our last two fixtures we still don’t have a forward that could score 20+ goals in a season. Danny Nolan is an exciting prospect but probably needs a few years to mature physical before he could be leading goal scorer and Steve Burke has the pace but wastes too many good opportunities to score. In recent months we have tried a few strikers who have not been scoring at a higher level and have been released by their clubs in the hope that they may be more prolific at our level.

The only hope at present appears to be, waiting until the end of the season and picking up a young player released by a league side or a more experienced player wanting to move clubs. Looking at the list of top goal scorers in the Unibond it appears that it is almost the same group of players every season scoring the goals. What price would Chorley put on a striker who was able to consistently score 20+ goals a season? Sadly money is the major priority for a lot of players these days and if you want one of the leagues top scorers you need to pay good money to get them. It is easy for me to say but if we want a striker who is guaranteed to score goals we have to take a calculated gamble and offer a decent wage and be prepared to pay a four figure fee in order to get the player. Prior to Trevor Hemmings purchasing the club we were prepared to pay fees to sign top strikers. I know we don’t have much money at the club but we are at a point were we are constantly struggling at the wrong end of the table every season. A top goal scorer would make a big difference and I just wonder if the time has come to take a gamble. The only way we are going to get a 25 goals a season striker is by paying a transfer fee for one. You have to pick the right player but if he scores the goals to win matches then the extra income from attendances and prize money from FA competitions would cover the initial outlay. Football is never that easy but I wonder whether it is an option we should consider.
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