Subs Warming Up

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Subs Warming Up

Postby Mick » Wed Jan 02, 2008 8:27 am

I have often wondered why managers send their subs out to 'warm up' at half time whilst the rest of the team listen to the tactics for the second half. Surely the very people who need to listen to the tactics are the ones who are more than likely going to be going on the pitch at some point during the second half to help influence the game one way or another (ie the substitutes). The subs no doubt sit and listen intently before the game begins and then probably won't be used during the first half.
It's not as though the subs actually do any warming up as all they seem to do is try and keep their testicles warm whilst trying to hit the crossbar from the half-way line. Surely they would be better employed listening to their manager during half time then doing their warm up 5 minutes before coming on as a sub.
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