The League Table Sadly Doesn't Lie.

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The League Table Sadly Doesn't Lie.

Postby Magpie+Baggie » Sat Jan 19, 2008 9:05 pm

You won't be hearing much from me this week, such is the schedule of revision and what-not for my mock-SATS coming up at the end of the month, and it's bitterly disappointing when this brief release from my studies see such a result.

Needless to say the first half today was as bad as we have played this season. There have been far too many lowlights unfortunately this season already, today really things have really become worryingly tight at the bottom of the league.

I sympathise with all supporters, another home defeat, and a toughie to take. On the day when we mourned the late Mick Treadwell, as tough-businessman like as this sounds, the pleasant sights of plenty of spectators at VP to mourn Mick will hardly be hurrying back to see Chorley.

Frankly, this kind if performance will stand us in no stead against any club. Albeit, Newcastle BS are one of the best sides to visit VP this season, but Atherton Collieries would have put us to shame in a first half when we treated by a hot potato. (There were some suggestions that a spectating dog had done their business on the ball, such was the way in which we couldn't keep hold of the ball.

Running through the team, a basic round-up:

COLLINGE - Not much that he could do about the goals that he conceded. 6.

GOODEVE - Not a bad game, nothing remarkable, alright. 6.

GERMAN - This may be greeted with jeers or suchlike from those not present, unfortunately though Dave never really got going, and was not alone in his giving the ball away. 5.

MULLINEUX - The penalty he 'conceded' was farcical, didn't have a bad game, some decent play to stop their wingers on occasion, the entire defence had a difficult job with Pringle who used to play for West Brom Reserves of all teams... 7.

CLARK - Again, like the whole defence, had a difficult game, didn't do too badly. 6.

FLETCHER - Had a reasonable game I thought, goes about his business well, fairly unlucky in elements to be on the losing side, gave it a good go, didn't make too many errors. 7.

BROOKES - His slightly disappointing form continued, largely because if I was asked what his first half contribution was I'd be stuck I'm afraid. 5.

ELLISON - Like Brookes, unfortunately Gav ghosted in and out of the game, but his ineptitude to pass the ball even over a short distance sadly means he could barely be given great plaudits. Looking at past games, where he's been successful, he's won header after header after header, but no such luxury today. 5.

MAYERS - Sorry Kenny, but I'm not going to sit here and type out bull (as I've done on many prior occasions) and I'm afraid Kenny didn't quite get there today. I think at the age of 37, fitness was always going to be an issue, and like much of the team, regrettably looked off the pace. 5.

BURKE - The newly signed up Super Steve had two clear cut chances, both one-on-ones, but ultimately scuffed both. A bit of an off-day, but not the end of the world for Steve. 6.

DREW - Mark is, as is widely known, not really match fit. He was the relative shining light in a dull first half, but really a half-fit midfielder was never going to suffice against Newcastle BS. 6.

Today we were poor. Simple as. We must improve - simple as. Sorry, but if we don't get better we'll be NWC next year I'm afraid.

As far as I can see, one from four sides will go down. I believe one from Chorley, Radcliffe, Bridlington and Woodley will go down. Clitheroe have too many games in hand and in my view will pull away.

We've still to play Radcliffe away and Bridlington at home, and other must win games include Mossley twice, Woodley, Clitheroe, Garforth and Rossendale.

I'm not going to do the whole add up the points and predict job, it's a waste of time. But it's clear that we must get better.

Radcliffe have, looking down their fixtures, got a lot of very winnable games still to play, so for Goodness' sake, please don't let this misery continue Chorley!
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