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Postby Magpie+Baggie » Fri Feb 01, 2008 6:20 pm

Hello all!

Hope everyone's OK and ready for an away day in lovely Skem for your sins tomorrow! :lol:

It's been a busy week for me, exams and whatnot ongoing to next week, won't be there tomorrow, but will be an interesting game. I frankly cannot see us getting anything from it, I like the look of Murt and I think Tommy Lawson has done a great job with Skelmersdale frankly.

In my take on John B's fine episode,
Odds and Sods the Lighter Side

Look out for a dodgy ref tomorrow. At Preston on Tuesday (less said t'better! :lol: ) the ref went through 80 dormant minutes before his pocket turned into a toaster from Taiwan... All of a sudden everything was popping out of it!

And to be fair going to Skelmersdale, with their lofty position in the league, we cannot do better than go away from home and get a draw. (Spot the Keeganisms?) In fact, there'll be very few teams that'll go to Skelmersdale Utd and get anything... home or away.

For me, Skelmersdale are the second best team in the league, and you can't give them higher praise than that. Anyone on commentary for the game?...

"And the substitutes about to come on, Danny Nolan who was left out of the starting line-up today..."

In terms of their playing styles, Nolan and McDonagh are totally different... and vice verse. In my humble opinion, Chorley's fans are the best in the league and Skem's a second to none.

I was impressed with Kieran Fletcher's decision making the other week... his strength has always been decision making, especially when he had no choice.

My concern is that Chorley's players at the moment that are 34 or 35 will be 35 or 36 by the start of next season... if they're not careful.

I had a thought the other day you know... I'll never play on Victory Park again, unless I play at Victory Park again.

Team news dictates there's a slight doubt about Peter Collinge's fitness... he definitely can't play tomorrow. (Joking there thank God!)

I've had interests in sports all my life... maybe longer.

There's been talk also of a move for Chorley to the Thurston Ground and getting rid of VP.

My take:

"Victory Park's been a great ground but as time's gone on it's just... I don't know... stayed where it is.""

If Chorley win tomorrow, it'll be a big surprise to me, but nothing surprises me in football these days.

All the info in this is false, just for the purposes of a good joke. Or not so good. I have to say, whoever coined the Nun and Darts joke on this forum, worked for me!
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