League 3 thoughts.

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League 3 thoughts.

Postby chorleyboy » Thu May 08, 2014 2:38 pm

Its a touchy subject, would mean Chorley would be in 7th tier instead of 6th, basically no promotion in effect. I also wonder if we ever got to League 3, would we enjoy travelling away to watch Chorley v say Brighton under 21s at a training ground pitch?
Its to give England a better chance to win World Cup, what happened when England failed to qualify for it in 1974 and 1978? Those days the vast majority of players at top flight clubs were English, with Welsh,Scottish and Irish thrown in, didnt seem to help us those days.
There will be alot of thoughts on this, I would like them to leave it as it is, still dont like the idea of reaching League 3 playing half the matches against under 21s, but then again they suggesting 10 "B" teams and 10 Conference teams, oh, just wish they would leave it alone... :roll:
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Re: League 3 thoughts.

Postby Junction 8 » Thu May 08, 2014 3:32 pm

What worries me is These lot who have come up with these ideas are in charge :shock:

Leave us alone ...

The premier league and England have lost all sense of reality of true football and fans
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Re: League 3 thoughts.

Postby 109tochorley » Thu May 08, 2014 3:41 pm

this makes my blood boil,
they man who came up with this idiotic plan, is the very same man who gave us roland rat (yeeeeh rat fans)
why doesnt the premier league go and mind its own business,this smacks of the same nonsense being purportrated in rugby league, with certain clubs being treated as feeder clubs for the elite.
the problem as i see it is that non-league has its feet on floor deeply rooted in its local community, and the premier league & championship, are deluded and living in thier own fabricated reality.
leave our football alone mr dyke,
i like it just the way it is in non-league.
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Re: League 3 thoughts.

Postby reco » Fri May 09, 2014 2:52 am

Its a load of rubbish and that is fact.
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Re: League 3 thoughts.

Postby chorleyboy » Fri May 09, 2014 12:14 pm

I think the footbal league and non league should get together and fight this, and if not then lets say have compensation to each club, maybe £5 million each out of the vast sums they make each year from tv rights alone, wont even touch the sides that, and free admission for each non league club fan, free pies and drinks including alcohol, free entertainment before and after each game, Beyonce ( :wink: ) for instance, free draws at half time with say 1st prize of £50,000, 2nd £25,000 and so on, least it would be a full house every home game, not forgetting them relaying the pitches to Premier League standard, (we dont want the future superstars playing on anything but a carpet) renovating the grounds and changing rooms, providing sandwiches on the team bus so Garry doesnt have to make them, I could go on, yeah and if my suggestions are ludicrous, then so is that idea to try to ruin lower level football, what a bunch of ????????????
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Re: League 3 thoughts.

Postby Two4joy » Fri May 09, 2014 5:18 pm

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Re: League 3 thoughts.

Postby Clarkey » Sat May 10, 2014 10:32 pm

Not a big poster here but this is worth a read:

Open letter to Dyke from Chairman of Sutton United -

Dear Mr Dyke,

I read about your proposals to insert B teams of Premiership clubs into the Football Conference with interest. With interest and horror !

I started watching Sutton United when I was nine. For almost a quarter of a century I went to just about every game, home and away, with my dad. I watched them at Wembley, followed them in Italy and have trekked from Spennymoor to Truro and from Barrow to Dover, and a multitude of places in between. The club’s star centre-forward has become a good friend for thirty years and my boyhood hero was a guest at my wedding. I have sold programmes, been a steward, painted railings and pulled down an old wooden terrace. I have done just about every job at the club you can think of. Why? Because I had dreams. And I’m not alone, there are many like me at Sutton and the same picture is repeated at non-League clubs up and down the country. Oh, by the way, I am now chairman of the board and that’s something my dad and I couldn’t have dreamt about when I was nine years old.

But football is all about dreaming. It’s about cold, wet nights in the middle of Essex or the prospect of a six hour journey home after being thrashed somewhere in Yorkshire, It’s about the days when those memories become all the more special because your team has just won the league or, dare I say it, knocked a top flight club out of the FA Cup. As the great Danny Blanchflower famously said “The game is about glory.”

Your proposal gnaws away at that glory. It makes it all the harder for the smaller clubs to have those special, unforgettable days. Sutton United has just missed out on promotion to the Football Conference but we will go again next season, and the season after that until, one day, we get there again. And when we do get there we want to take our chances against all the other clubs who share the same dreams. Not Everton B.

Injecting B teams from Premiership clubs into the Conference, or creating a new division between us and the Football League would make it harder for the multitude of non-League clubs to realise their dreams. As Chairman of the FA you represent every one of these clubs just as much as you represent the giants of the Premiership or the national team but your plan betrays them. We can’t compete with Arsenal B in terms of the quality of player, their wages, their coaching or their fitness levels. These teams will dominate at this level. Will they be promoted if they win the league ? Surely yes, because the alternative is worse. That takes away the promotion dreams from the clubs who aspire to reach as high as they can. And, although it’s almost unimaginable, if Chelsea B finished bottom of the Conference would they really want to play in Conference South, or even the Ryman League? What happens to the pyramid system when this experiment eventually runs its course ?

I beg you Mr Dyke, kill this ill-conceived plan now or be remembered as the man who killed the dreams.

Yours Faithfully,

Dave Farebrother

Chairman, Board of Directors
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