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1 - Predictions must be in by 1:30pm on a matchday kicking off at 3pm, and 6:15pm on a 7:45pm kick off.

2 - It'll be 5 points for a correct scoreline, 3 points for a correct winning margin, 2 points for correctly predicting a draw, and 1 point for a correct winning team!

3 - Anyone who does not compete in 5 consecutive games will be taken off the table. That player is welcome to re-join the League but their score will be reset to 0

4 - It is possible to join the league at any time, just post your score!

5 - Predictions are for 90 minutes only. Extra time is not included

6 - You may still predict in advance if you're on holidays! Just PM me

7 - You may change your prediction up until the cut-off time. Post a new scoreline, editing it will not be accepted!

8 - In the case of postponed games, original scoreline predictions will stand as they will be stored. The thread will be opened up preceding the game and predictions can be changed by posting a new one (again, don't edit your original one). Otherwise, the original prediction will stand.

9 - Predictions must be posted on the relevant thread by the above deadline

10 - If, for whatever reason, the site is down during the time period less than 24 hours before closing time of a game, the game will be void.

11 - My decision is final :P
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